Number 17A by Jackson Pollock : The Amazing Art Adventure

Number 17A by Jackson Pollock : The Amazing Art Adventure

Let’s dive into the world of art and talk about a painting called “Number 17A” made by a super creative artist named Jackson Pollock in the year 1948. It’s like going on a magical journey through colors and shapes!

Number 17A The Fantastic Purchase: $200 Million Wonder

In September 2015, someone named Kenneth C. Griffin did something extraordinary. One of them is our star today, “Number 17A” by Jackson Pollock. And guess what? It cost a whopping $200 million! Imagine all the toys and candies you can buy with that much money!

Number 17A by Jackson Pollock : The Amazing Art Adventure

Number 17A A Big Art Collection: Two Paintings, One Art Lover

Kenneth C. Griffin spent a total of $500 million to bring home two super special paintings – “Interchange” and “Number 17A.” It’s like having a magical art collection. Filled with wonders from famous artists.

Meet the Star: Number 17A by Jackson Pollock

Now, let’s talk about the main character of our art story – “Number 17A.” This painting is like a burst of imagination! Jackson Pollock, the artist, didn’t use a paintbrush like most people. Nope, he flicked and splashed paint onto the canvas. It’s like creating a dance of colors in the air!

A Splashy Adventure: Abstraction in Action

“Number 17A” is what grown-ups call an abstract-expressionist painting. That means it doesn’t show something you can touch, like a flower or a car. Imagine if your crayons had a party on a piece of paper – that’s what this painting is like!

The Priceless Painting Party: $200 Million Magic

Can you believe someone paid $200 million for this painting? It’s like buying a ticket to a never-ending magic show! Kenneth C. Griffin must really, really love art to spend so much money on a painting that’s like a colorful party on a canvas.

How It’s Made: Drip, Drip, Drip!

Here’s a cool secret – Jackson Pollock made “Number 17A’s” by dripping and splashing oil paint onto the canvas. It’s like making a colorful rainstorm on purpose!

The One-Year-Old Wonder: Drip Painting Magic

Guess what? “Number 17A’s” was created just one year after Jackson Pollock. Introduced the world to his amazing drip painting technique. It’s like he had a new way of making art, and this painting is like a colorful baby born from that creative idea!

Conclusion: Number 17A, the Colorful Dream

In the end, “Number 17A’s” is not just a painting – it’s a dream made of colors and imagination. Talk about millions of dollars. Art is like a big playground where colors and shapes come to life. We get to be the happy explorers!

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